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Kanal D is Turkey’s leading media company in the development, production, and entertainment, news, and information to a wide audience. Dogan Media Company which owns Kanal D, operates a valuable portfolio of news and entertainment networks, significant television production operations, a leading television stations group. 

Both in audience shares and in commercials carrying capacity, Kanal D has been a long-time leader by far in the industry compared to other nationwide channels. According to TV audience measurements in 2010 Kanal D has been the most-watched channel in 308 days out of 365, and has been chosen the day's ratings leader again. 

The most popular and adored television stars are all on Kanal D. Skilful producers, experienced directors and creative programmers work jointly with these stars to produce high quality programmes which are indispensable for Turkish audience. 

Being innovative and dynamic, the channel introduced many new format television programmes like various television series, foreign movies, talk shows, gameshows, children’s, women’s, sports, news and magazine programmes. Kanal D is positioned on the top in the sector by its successful serials, educational and entertaining children’s shows, ethical news programmes and talk shows presented by the most favoured television stars. 

The programmes of Kanal D are not only for Turkish audiences at home. In 1996 Euro D was launched to enable Turkish citizens living in Europe view the channel. Now this channel can be watched all around the world from the United States to Australia. 

Foreign Content Sales 
Besides being the largest national TV channel in Turkey for the past 10 years, Kanal D has also earned a great success as a content provider to different areas. After the success of the Turkish serials, first in the Middle Asia, and later on in the Middle East, Kanal D has expanded to new territories such as the Balkans and the Far East and has played an important role in the popularity of the Turkish Serials in the world.