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Gülru was born in a suburban neighborhood and grew up in the servants’ quarters of a mansion where her father worked as a gardener. Despite the dreams she had when she was in the gardens of the splendid mansion, she never forgot her modest neighborhood. She kept travelling back and forth between the mansion and the neighborhood. The heroes of her world were her childhood love, her caring father, her sisters and Cihan, the mansion owners’ son. She admired Gulfem Sipahi the daughter of the mansion owner, above them all. Gulfem left the mansion for a few years, and when she returned she reignited the admiration that Gulru felt for her as a child. Nobody approves of this admiration. One day, Gülru’s path crosses with Gulfem’s former lover, Omer Hekimoglu. By this meeting, dreams and the facts of Gülru’s small world are about to be turned upside down. With the changes, starts the war of the roses. There is no way of staying out of this war, in the neighborhood or the mansion.