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Feel The Drama


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Güneş, a 35-year-old woman with three daughters, is a literature teacher from İzmir. She lives a happy life with her 17-year-old fraternal twins, Nazlı and Selin, and Peri who is two years younger than her sisters. Then one day, a businessman from İstanbul, Haluk Mertoğlu’s path crosses with Güneş’s. They fall in love with each other. Haluk proposes to her after a little while and astonishes Güneş. She wants to accept his proposal but there is a small issue, her daughters haven’t heard of her relationship with Haluk, yet. Nazlı, one of the twins, upon learning of the proposal, is entirely against their marriage, while Selin thinks that this marriage is a great opportunity for both herself and her mother. Peri believes that whatever makes Gunes happy will make her happy too. Despite all the problems Gunes creates, Haluk never thinks of breaking up with her. Güneş and her daughters become an issue for the Mertoğlu family, though life in the Mertoğlu family is not as perfect as it seems. With Güneş’s family and Mertoğlu family’s coming together, all secrets will come to light and nothing will be the same.