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Feel The Drama


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This story is about the power struggle of two women, Nesrin and Selda. Nesrin, who has the benefit of youth wins, and Selda has no choice but to leave life as she knows it, behind. Selda couldn’t have guessed that the daughter of her husband’s driver, Nesrin, who entered her house like a refugee could manage to take her life away from her. Naturally, Nesrin wasn’t the only guilty party. Selda’s former husband was as guilty as Nesrin. When her husband brought Nesrin home, he claimed that he saw her as his daughter. The fact that he married a girl whom he called his daughter devastates both his former wife and his children. Selda is approaching her fifties and feels humiliated to have been left for a younger woman. However that is not the only reason of her sorrow. She married Kerim at an early age, therefore sacrificing her life for the good of her home and children. She feels regret when thinking about how he wasted her life for years.