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Feel The Drama


13x90', HD  / 32x45' , HD

The private hospital of Professor Doctor Veysel, who devotes himself to save lives without expecting anything in return, is on the verge of bankruptcy. Moreover, the doctors working there start resigning one by one. To create a new team, Professor Veysel makes job offers to his former students, today’s successful surgeons working in different parts of Turkey. With all the refusals, he is shattered. His daughter Yelda, also a doctor, gathers her old doctor friends to help his father. Şafak is a doctor living and working in İzmir. She learns that her husband has an affair with her own assistant so she decides to change her life and moves to İstanbul to work with Professor Veysel. Selim, a very popular and handsome neurosurgeon working in a prestigious hospitals, has to quit his job because a famous businessman died while Selim was performing a surgery on him. It is not easy to convince Selim to get back to work. Cem, working in Van for the sake of healing earthquake victims, feels obliged to accept Yelda’s offer in order to cure a little girl. Tayfun, a former physician, decides to return to the job because of his admiration to Professor Veysel. Even though Professor Veysel is ready to make a fresh start, a bad surprise is waiting for him and his team.