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Feel The Drama


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In effort to become friends again after a huge dispute Bayram, and his blood brother Salih plan to marry their children to one another. Their children are raised in different cities until they are of age to marry. Bayram who has two children, lives in Istanbul and has businesses worth a fortune doesn’t forget the promise that he gave to Salih. When his young boy Kerim graduates from college, Bayram and his son go to live next to Salih in the village. Salih lives together with his two girls; Hulya and Melek. Salih also plans to keep the promise he made and with the arrival of Bayram they see that they both plan to make good on their promises. However, the children have established a life of their own and shifted their love interests and goals into different directions. They have found solutions of their own, and Hulya has begun her plan which nobody thought of before.