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As soon as Asya was born, she was left at an orphanage. She lost her mother during birth and when she was only two days old, her father died. From that moment on, misery hasn’t left her alone...Until the age of eight, she stayed at an orphanage in İstanbul, and then she was moved to another orphanage in Eskişehir. Asya was supposed to be the responsibility of her aunt Aysel and her uncle Levent, but her aunt knew that Asya was the only heir to an enormous inheritance. Therefore, she came up with a plan to get rid of Asya and take all of the inheritance for herself and her secret lover, Kürşat. The plan went smoothly and Aysel received the inheritance of her husband’s brother. However, there was something that Aysel was not aware of. Aysel thought that Asya was dead. Kürşat had taken the child to an orphanage and had kept track of her throughout her life in hopes to get even with Aysel after she betrayed him. After Asya’s arrival in Istanbul, the fact that she is the only heir to the inheritance comes to light. Asya begins an intimate relationship with her cousin Selma’s fiancé, Yiğit. This incident will make her aunt and cousin treat Asya as an enemy and the love of Yiğit and Asya will be put to the test. A wild love, unforgettable plots, jealousy and souless ambition…Only their love can cure these problems…