Mipcom: R9.A32

Kanal D Sales

Feel The Drama


26x90' , HD

In a slummy district of Istanbul, the inhabitants of a 6 story apartment building are trying to cling to life… These are people who have had to give up their hopes and dreams just to stay alive in the metropolis. Lost City uses its own unique language to tell the story of the human tragedies caused by poverty and discrimination. Our heroes in the midst of all of this are a family who has just moved into the neighborhood. The first great loss the family encounters is when Meryem loses her husband. Left alone with five sons, a daughter and her 80 year old father in law. They suddenly decide to move to Istanbul…Ismail has somehow managed to fit in to Istanbul, and he settles his family into a flat in a slummy part of Istanbul. But life in this big city is both difficult and expensive.