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Feel The Drama


13x90' , HD

1965, Adana, Turkey… Nuran is amazingly beautiful and attracts everyone in her village. She is being forced by her family to marry an old wealthy man from the village who is willing to pay an expensive dowry in return. Her only hope of salvation is to run away with her lover Resat. However, it turns out that Resat is cheating on her with his boss's wife... Nuran decides to run away to the big city, Istanbul, without him and follow her dreams to become a movie star. A famous film director, Kenan Yilmazer, decides to give Nuran a chance and help her be noticed, but this will not be easy as neither Resat nor his brother Ihsan leave her alone.  What awaits Nuran in Istanbul? Will her destiny change with Kenan? Can she become famous? Will Nuran forgive her former lover Resat? Will she decide to be with him again?